Hello! I'm Marta.

I’m a bilingual freelance copywriter, translator,  and SEO professional living in the city of Montreal.

My mission is to assist  businesses in enhancing their visibility and presence in the online world, using impactful words to make a lasting impression.

Freelance writer and translator in Montreal

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer! Now, I’m a copywriter.

With that being said, I never really considered being a writer a realistic career path for me.

That is … Until now!

Welcome to the quirky realm of my word wizardry! Copywriting, to me, is like modern storytelling but with a dash of flair.  Now, picture this: you need a story, a wordsmith (that’s me!), and just the right words to make your business rock the digital scene.

So, here’s the scoop:  After more than two decades in the corporate hustle, I accidentally stumbled into the world of tech.  As the Operation Coordinator and Assistant Marketing maestro, I found myself knee-deep in writing press releases, developing custom job listings, orchestrating email marketing campaigns, and creating persuasive sales pitches, all while embracing bilingual expertise. That’s the essence of digital copywriting.

 That’s when the web and SEO bug bit me, and voila, my journey into freelance copywriting and digital marketing kicked off! One client, one project at a time, I’m on a mission to turn your business into an online sensation, thriving in the ever-expanding digital universe.

 Whether on a freelance basis or in collaboration with skilled professionals, let’s make your digital journey epic – where every word is your friendly sidekick, and success is our daily high-five!

Now, on to the serious(ly hilarious) stuff!

Fun fact: Back in the day, I was on a mission to change the world—ambitious, right? Well, reality had a chat with my idealistic self, and now I’ve upgraded to being an optimistically realistic community activist and a covert copywriter protagonist.

Credentials: I’ve been navigating the realm of communication projects in corporate settings for a solid 20 years. Master of the verbal domain, if you will.

Snapshot: Launched into the wild world of freelancing in 2020 and guess what? I fell head over heels for the chaos of diverse projects and clients. No turning back – it’s like a Netflix binge; once you start, you can’t stop!

Languages: Being a Montrealer, I’m fluent in English and French… and Portuguese and Azorean. That’s where my spicy side comes from – blame it on the linguistic spice rack!

The Clan: My teenager has more TikTok followers than I do – future social media mogul in the making. My other half is a tech wizard (shameless plug for CTA.ca – keeping IT dreams alive). Oh, and there’s a feral cat that communicates exclusively in the language of persistent meows – typical.

Personal ethos: I don’t do things in half measures. Loving everything and nothing in moderation. An extraverted nerd who enjoys the company of people and also appreciates the sweet sound of solitude.

Life philosophy: Life is a mosaic of opportunities, a series of chapters waiting to be written, a constant exploration of what it means to be human in this vast, extraordinary world.

Let’s create an impactful and inviting online presence together!