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Digital Writer Services

Services crafted around your needs.

My services are here to help you. 

Whether your needs involve website optimization, web copy, social media management, local SEO strategies or tailored blog content.

Your digital space is often limited. Consequently, words have to be strategically use, while remaining true to your brand story.

Freelance services.

If you are looking for a Montreal digital marketing freelancer, instead of a marketing agency, you’ve come to the right place.

Furthermore, Digital Writer is also an affordable freelance network of top Montreal talents. 

Namely in web design and development, content creations, as well as mission-driven community builders. 

Our services & packages.

My services are custom-made yet affordable and personalized.

In addition, it includes 30 minutes of free consultation, in order for me to evaluate the best way to assist you. Hence, it’s also a chance for you to see if we’re a good fit.

Take a look at my Digital Writer services.

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What services best fit your needs ?


Social Media Management



Editing / Proofreading

Consultation / Coaching

User experience

"Merci à Marta Silva ❤ Les concepts et le texte sont de moi (Alie Valérie), mais sans l’aide inestimable de Marta Silva, vous ne l’auriez probablement jamais trouvé sur internet (Search Engine Optimization) et vous ne l’auriez sûrement pas lu au complet (copywriting)! 🙄 Marta prend le temps de comprendre, pas juste les concepts que tu veux expliquer, mais aussi toutes les émotions que tu veux transmettre. En plus, elle est capable de s’adapter à ton style et à ta personnalité; alors t’as encore l’impression que c’est toi qui l’a écrit, sauf que là les gens ont le goût de le lire (editing)! 😜 Alors, sérieux, si vous avez une histoire à partager, confiez-la à Marta Silva! (Promis, ce remerciement, c’est moi toute seule qui l’a écrit! 😁)"