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Marta Silva

Hey there! I'm a bilingual freelance copywriter, SEO enthusiast, and translator based in Montreal. My mission? To boost your online presence while making a positive impact in our community. Ready to kickstart the journey together? Let's go!

Copywriter and Translation Services in Montreal

Step into my world of words, where head and heart converge to create impactful content. As a seasoned copywriter, SEO and translation specialist, I’m your go-to guide for transforming ideas into compelling narratives. Whether you need persuasive copy or seamless translations, consider it done. My commitment goes beyond words – I actively partner with community-based businesses, striving to empower local markets and services to achieve their online marketing goals.

As a bilingual freelance copywriter, SEO wizard and translation expert, my mission is to simplify the complexities of digital marketing, offering you a personalized and effective winning formula.

Explore my services and discover how the right words can positively shape your brand and online presence.

Why do you need my services!

In the online world, standing out is everything and I’m here to help your business shine.

There are a large number of potential markets and customers waiting to be tapped into.

If your strength isn’t spending endless time or a huge budget for digital marketing experiments, a little guidance can make a big difference. With my copywriting, SEO, translation, and digital marketing services, I’ll help your business shine.


Stand Out Online: Utilize my expertise in copywriting and SEO to ensure your business stands out in the vast online world.

Clear Messaging: Improved visibility comes from clear messaging that attracts more customers to notice your business.

Engaging Content: Craft authentic web content to establish business authority, connect with clients on a genuine emotional level, and entice them to return.

SEO Expertise: Leverage SEO know-how to ensure your content is easily found, allowing your business to stand out online.

Translation, Bilingual Presence: Especially in Montreal, Quebec, bilingual content is key for connecting with the local community and expanding your online presence.

Strategic Placement: Boost your online presence by strategically placing key digital marketing elements.

Let’s collaborate to make your online presence impactful and inviting.